I actually used to get treated at Palmer’s in Daytona when Brett was still finishing up. I was so used to being okay with whoever did my adjustments but then I got the chance to get adjusted by Brett because one of the guys I that was supposed to treat me could not make it for some reason.

I actually spoke with the actual Doctor and asked him if I could please have Brett as the one doing my adjustments. Brett is very attentive to detail. Brett did not just focused on adjusting me, he helped me rehab a knee that I’ve been neglecting for years due to lack of weightlifting form, etc. He would give me papers with lots of exercises and knowledge that he would find interesting for me to know, and he would check up on me to see if I had any questions or to see if I was doing well with my exercises. He even assessed my diet and my lab results. Literally what the previous review says, full body approach. I love him as a chiropractor so much, that i don’t mind driving to winter park from palm coast just to get adjusted by him. After him, I don’t trust anybody else to do as great as a job.

I recommended my boyfriend to him, he is a tattoo artist and a barber so his back and wrists are always in pain. Brett actually focuses on exercises that will help you better your pain. My boyfriend has been doing what Brett has told him to based on knowledge that he actually shares with you as he treats you, and his wrists have gotten way better.

Like I said, if you’re one of those people really nervous about the chiropractor cracking your bones wrong, etc, like I was, you’ll be in good hands with Brett. I’ve had many adjust me and for me to talk to a doctor and have him assign Brett to me, says a lot.