I used to get treated by Dr. Chance in Palmer before I moved to Colorado. I have scoliosis and a bulging disc and have seen several chiropractors over my life , but with my experience no one has compared with Dr Chance.

A lot of times , other chiropractor would do just adjustments, and some stretching. Dr Chance has taken a complete body approach. We talked about my diet , how certain things I was eaten were causing additional inflammation. He gave me a stretching plan to help with the bulging disc and worked on mobility excercises. After following his approach , not only have I lost fat, but my mobility and flexibility is much better. I’m able to do all the active sports that I want to do in Colorado and I couldn’t be happier.

I’ve recommended him to all my friends and family. He really does care about his patients. Anytime I go back to Florida, i always make sure i get my visit with him.